Pioneer Valley Regional School District Central Office

97 F. Sumner Turner Road
Northfield MA ,01360

Phone: 413.498.2911
Fax: 413.498.0045

Office of the Superintendent

Name      Position Extension    Email
Ruth Miller Superintendent  601
Gail Healy    
Assistant Superintendent  602
Pam Lawrence

Administrative Assistant     603
Kelly Jones

Treasurer  604
Brenda Beck

Accounts Payable  605
Sues'Anne Jason

Payroll & Benefits Administrator  606

Technology Services

Name      Position  Extension  Email
Karen Scanlon

Director of Technology

Facilities Management

Name  Position  Extension  Email
Tim Brandl Facilities Director  609
Special Education

Name      Position  Extension    Email
Chris Maguire
Administrator of Special Education

Kathleen Balog
Special Education Administrative Assistant
Janet Bradley-Garber

Special Education Administrative Assistant 610

Early Childhood Education
(Located at Bernardston Elementary School: 37 School Road, Bernardston, MA 01337)

Name      Position  Extension    Email
Debra Wood
Childhood Outreach Coordinator
(413) 648-5450

Brenda Beck
Administrative Assistant
(413) 648-5450
Deanna LeBlanc

Early Education Coordinator
(413) 648-5450