Year of Learning

Thank you for joining in as we begin the process of imagining a creative and sustainable future for our district.


We invite the PVRSD community to participate in a survey that will help us develop a database of ideas to explore as we plan for the future.

Use the survey to tell us about schools, programs, models, approaches, districts, books, people, etc. that you believe could be helpful as we consider options.

Dream big; think large. This is not the moment to be worried about practicality - this is the moment to share the exciting and inspirational. We'll tackle what is and is not feasible in the next phase.

What happens next?

We will pull together a representative working group to review the ideas shared, to identify the themes that emerge, and to select the ideas we want to explore further. In some cases, further exploration could mean sending a team to visit schools or programs. In other cases, it could mean holding a conference call, watching a video, or reading research reports or articles. In all cases, we will develop mechanisms for sharing what we are learning.

This is a work in progress! We're building the research plane as it flies. While we don't know exactly where it's going, we can promise to be transparent and inclusive about how we conduct the process.

We will share a summary of survey results on this webpage, along with updates on the Year of Learning and ways to participate.

Reminder: The survey will be open until the Sunday after Thanksgiving, 11/27/22, at 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions about the survey or the Year of Learning, please contact Patricia Kinsella.