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The Pioneer Valley Regional School District is deeply committed to providing a safe, engaging, and inclusive teaching and learning environment that promotes respect, responsibility, and academic excellence. The PVRSD provides opportunities for members to become adept at critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and collaboration, with a goal of preparing its members to be actively engaged and effective contributors to an increasingly diverse and rapidly evolving global society. To be successful in our mission, we recognize providing the following supports as critically important:

- A teaching and learning environment respectful of and welcoming to all members

- Curriculum, instruction, and assessments that promote multiple paths to development, growth, and success

- Relevant and meaningful policy

- Ample financial resources

- Safe, clean, and attractive facilities

The Pioneer Valley Regional School District understands that our effectiveness in providing these supports forms the basis of our members’ success at achieving to their potential in the academic, civic, social, technological, and personal realms.