FY23 Budget Development

FY23 Budget Development Calendar, 1/26/22

Participants may attend these meetings in person or watch the meetings online via the Google meet links.

FY23 Budget Development: Calendar of Meetings

We invite all members of the PVRSD community to attend the public budget meetings below.

SC Vote on FY23 Budget

Thursday, 3/10/22

7:00 p.m., PVRS Library

Budget Subcommittee meetings
6:00 - 8:00 p.m., PVRS library

February 15, 2022: Google meet
Elementary Schools

February 22, 2022: Google meet

Central Office

March 1, 2022: Google meet



Special Education

Full FY23 Budget Presentation: Google meet
Thursday, March 3, 2022
6:00 p.m., PVRS Auditorium

FY23 Budget Development: Documents

3/3/22 Public Budget Hearing

PVRSD Budget Hearing Presentation_2022-03-03.pptx

3/1/22 Budget Subcommittee Meeting #3

FY23 Line Item Budget DRAFT 3/1/22
PVRSD Budget slides Set #3_2022-03-01.pptx
FY23 Budget summary draft REV 2/25/22
Memo: Updated FY23 Budget summary page 2/25/22

2/22/22 Budget Subcommittee Meeting #2

FY23 Budget: Summary update 2/18/22
FY23 Budget: Line item update 2/18/22
PVRSD Budget slides Set #2 2/22/22.pptx
PVRSD Special Legislation: Session Law (2018) Chapter 295
Budget Subcommittee Meeting (2022-02-22 15:03 GMT-8)

2/15/22 Budget Subcommittee Meeting #1

FY23 Budget Summary DRAFT 2/14/22
FY23 Budget Revenues and Assessments DRAFT 2/14/22
FY23 Enrollment-assessment calculations
FY23 Budget Line Item DRAFT 2/14/22
PVRSD Budget slides Set #1 DRAFT 2/14/22

2/15/22 Video #1 (first 6 minutes)

PVRSD Budget Subcommittee Meeting, video #1 2/15/22
Budget Subcommittee Meeting (2022-02-15 15:12 GMT-8)

MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

FY23 Budget Resources

Chapter 70 webpage

For a comprehensive Excel workbook of state funding numbers, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "Complete formula spreadsheet." We have made a Google Sheets version of the workbook for those who prefer an online format.

Selected pages in the workbook:

FY23 Chapter 70 Summary

FY23 Chapter 70 Foundation Budget

FY23 Regional District Members

FY23 Comparison to FY22

FY23 Ch. 70 Determination of City and Town Total Required Contribution

Tracy Novick presentation, Feb. 11, 2022

MA State School Funding for
Regional School Districts

Scroll through the slides below, or click on the arrow in the upper right corner to download the presentation. Downloading the PowerPoint presentation will allow for Tracy's animation of various slides to be visible.

PVRSD FY23 State school funding by Tracy Novick Feb 2022.pptx