District Agreement Subcommittee

District Agreement
approved 1991; amended 1999


District Agreement Subcommittee

Michele Giarusso, Chair
Melissa Gerry
Silvia Cummings
Jennifer Coffin

February 2024 update

The document that created the Pioneer Valley Regional School District in 1991 is called the District Agreement.

As the document has not been updated in over 20 years, the District Agreement Subcommittee is drafting revisions that would bring the document into alignment with contemporary needs and regulations. 

Any revisions to the District Agreement need to be approved by the residents of our towns (by vote at a town meetings) and the Commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

The Subcommittee will be sending a draft revised document to DESE for review in the coming weeks. When DESE has provided feedback, the Subcommittee will send the updated draft to the towns for review and discussion.

Reference documents: Elementary School Leases

The district currently operates three schools: Bernardston Elementary (PreK-6), Northfield Elementary (PreK-6), and Pioneer Valley Regional (7-12). 

While the district owns the PVRS building and campus, the district leases both elementary schools from their respective towns, with each school on a 20-year lease.

NES Lease, 2011-2031

NES Lease Agreement.doc

BES Lease, 2011 - 2031

BES Lease Agreement until 2031.pdf