Warwick Transition

Warwick Transition: SC Presentation, 9/8/22

View the 9/8/22 presentation on the Warwick Transition to the PVRSD School Committee.

The Warwick Transition Process
September 2022 Update

In the spring of 2020, Warwick residents voted at Town Meeting, in accordance with the process outlined in the Regional District Agreement, to withdraw from Pioneer Valley Regional School District and create their own town-based district.

The new district will educate elementary students at the Warwick Community School and will have a tuition agreement with PVRSD so that older students may attend Pioneer Valley Regional School.

The Warwick Transition Subcommittee of the PVRSD School Committee has collaborated with colleagues in Warwick for two years to develop a Transition Agreement, a Tuition Agreement, and a Retirement Contribution Participation Agreement. Together, these agreements will facilitate the town’s orderly and equitable withdrawal from the district.

The PVRSD School Committee and will need to approve the final agreements before the transition may take place.

In addition, both parties have been in ongoing communication with DESE; see below for correspondence with the state.

Warwick Transition Subcommittee

Michele Giarusso (Chair)

Karen O’Neil

Nathan Swartz

Warwick Transition Working Group
Diana Noble
David Young
Jess Marshall
Susan Hollins

DESE’s role in the transition

DESE must approve the Transition Agreement and has, therefore, been providing support and guidance throughout the development of the document.

Prior correspondence with DESE

Senator Comerford and Rep. Whipps letter to DESE

DESE letter re Warwick 11/9/21

DESE letter re Warwick 12/23/21

DESE letter re Warwick 3/22/22

The Agreement Documents

The two parties have been working collaboratively to complete a Transition Agreement, Tuition Agreement, and Retirement Contribution Participation Agreement that:

  • provide all four towns with a road map for how the transition will proceed;

  • facilitate the transition in an orderly, positive manner;

  • detail how Warwick will meet its future financial obligations, including Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) and pension, using annual payments to PVRSD;

  • clarify the tuition Warwick will pay for students who attend PVRS;

  • represent the interests of both parties in an equitable and reasonable manner; and,

  • meet the approval of DESE.